Network & Information Services

We ensure that your network is as secure and future-proof as possible – through services that encompass network optimization, remote monitoring, data management, and cyber security.

*The list of services below is representative and does not include all services available. To inquire about services that are not listed please fill out the contact form or reach out to your local AIMM Services representative.



Your network is critical and provides the backbone to your existing and future operation. Are you experiencing performance issues or outages? Do you know how many devices are on your network today and their location? Have you documented network plans and policies? These and other considerations are important to ensure that your network performs optimally.

The AIMM Services Network Assessment is designed to give a real-time review of your network and identify risks to its operation.

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Increasingly interconnected equipment means you have access to more data than ever before. You need to find efficient ways to extract the right information and make the best business decisions to keep your plants running at peak efficiency. The Remote Monitoring & Analytics service from Rockwell Automation is a flexible, scalable solution that collects, organizes and normalizes real-time data across your production assets, providing deep insights through powerful visualization, analytic and dashboarding tools across a broad range of devices.

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A cybersecurity study will provide detailed information to assess and prioritize your OT network security risks through asset inventory, a baseline network traffic, and detection of abnormalities.

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IntraVUE™ Edge is a permanent Industrial Network Documentation and Monitoring Solution. By simply connecting the device to the network that needs to be scanned, IntraVUE™ Edge is capable of continuously monitoring the status of all devices and switches within the network. It is physically hardened with a fan-less design and has been designed for compliance with the Center for Internet Security (CIS) benchmarks.

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The Industrial Data Center from Rockwell Automation can help your business realize these cost savings through a pre-engineered, scalable infrastructure offering. All of the hardware you need to run multiple operating systems and multiple applications off of virtualized servers are included in the cost.

As a pre-engineered solution, the Industrial Data Center is designed to ease the transition to a virtualized environment for your business, saving you time and money. Instead of ordering five different pieces of equipment with five purchase orders, in addition to hiring the correct certified installation professionals to get you up and running, the Industrial Data Center combines equipment from industry leaders that are pre-configured specifically for the manufacturing and production industries. All equipment is shipped pre-assembled and a Rockwell Automation professional will come to your site and commission the system.

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With a Machine Level Network Design, we help your machines make the right connections.

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